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Migrant Worker Services

1.      If you are a migrant worker experiencing any of the following issues;

  • You have been beaten or abused, you have been deceived or are trapped and unable to leave your place ofwork.
  • If you have not received your pay from your employer or it is less than what was promised
  • You are being forced to marry someone against your will.
  • You want to make a complaint against a recruitment agency or broker
  • You have just returned and are concerned about your health

2.      If you are a family member or friend of a migrant worker and you are concerned because;

  • You have not heard from him/her in a long time
  • They say that the working situation is abusive, their health is not good or they are in distress and need assistance
  • They want to leave but are being forced to stay or have been imprisoned or arrested
  • They need information about changing employers or working in another country

3.      You want to find out more about working conditions, laws or policies in another country.


4.      You want legal advice on migration, problems arising from your migration experience or you wish to go to court

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