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Our Vision

 “All people have the rights to stay or move and live and work in dignity with equal rights, in a society where their quality of life is ensured

This vision reflects CARAM Cambodia’s support of migrant’s decisions to travel in search of employment and our commitment to building a society where Government and society respect their rights to a life with dignity.

Our Mission



“To empower migrant workers and theircommunities to create an enabling environment at all stages of migration inorder to reduce vulnerabilities related to HIV/AIDS, health, labour migrationand to ensure that their rights are respected”.

We are driven by the belief that Migrant Workers deserve access to Human Rights and support regardless of their location or country of origin.

Our Values

 “Equality”    “Honesty and Accountability”    “Teamwork”


The selection of these values reflects the focus on building positive team relationships between staff members as the basis for better support and an engagement with beneficiaries of CARAM Cambodia’s interventions that is open, transparent, just and fair. 


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Address : #45D, Street D, Russian Federation Blvd., Sangkat Ka Kab, Khan Por Sen Chey, Phnom Penh. , Kingdom of Cambodia.
Tell : 855- 012 961 427,  Email: caram.cam@online.com.kh / Website: http://www.caramcambodia.org / Facebook: CARAM Cambodia.